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As an expat you are living in the uncertainties of a foreign land far from home. But that doesn’t mean financial matters should be far from your mind. International insurance is an important financial matter that is probably weighing on your mind, and if it is, talk to us at Aviva today. At Aviva, we offer not only international insurance but also a whole range of global solutions tailored to give you peace of mind.

Tax efficiency*
The last thing you want is to pay more tax than necessary on your hard-earned income. And our 50-cluster policy feature means you don’t have to, with pre-tax premiums and the potential for tax free returns
*Potential tax efficiencies apply only with regards to UK tax law. Please consult a professional tax expert on the potential tax savings.

You may not know which country you’ll be in next week, but when it comes to your finances you need absolute transparency. We invest in direct rather than mirror funds to minimise exposure and maximise performance. What’s more, all our plans are registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Increase contributions at any time, set you own policy term, enjoy unlimited fund switching… Our savings plans offer global expats the flexibility they need. So you can minimise the risks of market changes and retrenchment.

Global Solutions
Global Protection
  • Level or decreasing term plan
  • Four interest rate options for decreasing term
  • Choose your level of protection, starting from S$100,000


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