Aviva Singapore and Singlife Merger

Aviva Singapore and Singlife are coming together to create a leading financial services company in Singapore.

This transaction brings together the best of Singlife's digital innovation and the solidity of Aviva Singapore's comprehensive solutions and quality advice.

Important information regarding the transfer of life insurance business from Singapore Life Pte. Ltd. to Aviva Ltd. Find out more.


The Scheme of Transfer

Singlife and Aviva complete Singapore's largest insurance deal to strengthen position as leading life insurer in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Singlife?

Who is TPG?

Does the transaction include Aviva Ltd’s subsidiaries?

Why are you combining? What does this transaction mean for me as a customer?

What happens to the Aviva policies and Navigator/dollarDEX investment accounts I have?

I also have policies with Singlife. What do I need to take note of?

For premium payment or investment account top-ups, do I need to change the payee or set up a new GIRO arrangement for the new entity?

I have a transaction/claim in progress. Do I need to resubmit my request and documents?

Is there any action needed from me at all?