Business Group Plans

Corporate Life Plan

Give your employees the financial support they need in times of uncertainty

Group Term Life

Comprehensive cover at affordable premiums for your team.

Corporate Medical Plans

Your employees are the drivers behind your business, take care of their health

Preferred Care Plus

Peace of mind for your employees when they are in need of medical assistance.

Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance

Provide your employees with prompt and affordable treatment.

Corporate Accident & Disability Plans

Cover your employees against unforeseen accidents and disablement

Group Personal Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone, avoid meeting hefty unexpected costs. 

Group Disability Income Insurance

Disability shouldn't mean inability - to pay your bills.

Corporate International Plan

Give your employees the assurance whenever they travel

My Global Benefits

Invest in your employees' well-being whenever they travel.

Corporate Insurance Plan for SME

Comprehensive and affordable insurance plans for your Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business 

MyBenefits Plus

Flexible and cost-effective insurance for your company.

Corporate Travel Plan

Have a safe travel for work or leisure with around-the-clock worldwide travel assistance

Corporate Travel

A smooth sailing trip for your team when they're on vacation or business trip.


Form Library

Download the forms that you'll require

MyBenefits Plus FAQ

Need more answers? Read our FAQ.