MyBusiness Insurance

List of Excluded Trades

A. Food & Beverage
(Caterer & Food Delivery)
(Restaurant & Café) 

  1. Bars and Discotheques
  2. Dry/Wet Markets
  3. Floating Restaurants
  4. Hawker Centres
  5. Karaoke Lounges and Pubs
  6. Mobile Kiosks/ Push-Carts
  7. Nightclubs

B. Light Industry

  1. Battery and Tyres Workshops, Motor Workshops
  2. Containers/Paper Board Boxes, Joss Sticks and Joss Papers
  3. Flammable and Hazardous Products, Gases and Chemicals
  4. Foams and Plastics
  5. Food and Beverage
  6. Garments and Textiles
  7. Glass (Stained & Leaded), Mirrors
  8. Mobile Phones, Tablets and Accessories
  9. Precious Metals and Gems
  10. Printing and Publishing 

Involving Use of the Following Operations:

  1. Aluminium/Steel Fabrication
  2. Explosives
  3. Furnace and Kiln
  4. Hot Works
  5. Spray Painting
  6. Woodworking

This plan does not cover risks:
Involving manual work outside of Insured's own premises except for the purpose of delivery of goods only.

C. Office

  1. Events and Exhibition Organisers
  2. Private Investigation Services

This plan does not cover risks:
Where premise is also being used as a storage and/or manufacturing operation.

D. Retail

  1. Alcohol and Tobacco
  2. Antiques, Collectibles, Scrap Metals, Junk/ Used/ Goods
  3. Building and Construction Materials
  4. Coins/ Stamps/ Currency Notes, Furs, Silverware
  5. Costumes - Masquerade & Theatrical
  6. Flammable and Hazardous Products, Joss Sticks and Joss Papers, Paints and Varnishes
  7. Jewellery and Timepieces exceeding S$500 per Article and Precious Stones/Metals
  8. Livestocks
  9. Money Changers
  10. Nurseries and Landscaping
  11. Pawn Shops
  12. Petrol Stations/ Kiosks
  13. Repair Workshops
  14. Sculptures and Works of Art
  15. Trade involving Battery and Tyres Workshops, Motor Showrooms,
  16. Video Library

This plan does not cover risks:
Involving manual work outside of Insured's own premises except for the purpose of delivery of goods only.

E. Service

  1. Air-Conditioning Services
  2. Arcade Games and Billiard Centres
  3. Bars and Discotheques, Karaoke Lounges, Nightclubs and Pubs
  4. Betting Centres
  5. Cleaning Services
  6. Cosmetic and Corrective Surgery or Treatment involving Oral Medications, Injections, Laser, Implants, Tattoos, Body Piercing and/or Other Process involving the Breaking or Abrasion of Human Skin
  7. Driving Centres, Martial Arts Centres, Water/Outdoor Sports Centres
  8. Infant Care Centres i.e. below 18 Months
  9. Massage Parlours (unless accredited member of Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore)
  10. Pest Control Services
  11. Private Investigation Services

Important Note

This list of Excluded Trades applies to MyBusiness Insurance plan and may be updated from time to time.

The plan is underwritten by Aviva Ltd. For complete details, please refer to the product brochure or speak to your insurance intermediary. This is for general information only and does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person/ organization. A copy of the product brochure may be obtained from Aviva Ltd and the participating intermediary’s offices. You may wish to seek advice from an insurance intermediary before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from an insurance intermediary, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you/ your organization.

This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the standard terms and conditions of this plan can be found in the relevant policy contract.

Information is correct as at September 2018.