Aviva embraces Singapore's Favourite Racket Sport

Aviva embraces Singapore's Favourite Racket Sport

Aviva has committed to Singapore's most popular racquet sport by becoming the title sponsor for the Singapore Badminton Open, thus renaming it the Aviva Open Singapore 2004.

On Monday, 20 September 2004, it was a proud moment for Aviva as Ronald Susilo, Singapore's No. 1 badminton hero presented Charles Anderson, Managing Director of Aviva Asia, an autographed Athens Olympics 2004 shirt, to mark Aviva's support for the Singapore Open event.

The world's badminton elite, including several World, Olympic and All-England champions, are expected to battle for a share of the US$170,000 prize money at this premium five-star tournament. The event, scheduled for Nov 15 to 21 at the Singapore Badminton Hall and Singapore Indoor Stadium, looks set to cement its reputation as Southeast Asia's most prestigious and glamorous badminton event.

"Badminton is a sport that is fast-paced, exciting and spectator-friendly. Aviva is a dynamic, innovative and customer-oriented company, and we want to embrace badminton, a sport that fits with Aviva's philosophy and our values." said Charles Anderson. He added, "We witnessed the fervour and excitement the badminton games at the Athens Olympics 2004 and with this sponsorship, we want to share in the excitement of supporting Asia's shuttlers as they battle each other on Singapore soil."

Badminton is a leading spectator sport in Asian markets such as China, Singapore and Hong Kong. In Singapore, badminton is the one of the top most-watched sports in Asia. In China alone, there are about 160 million players with 338,206 officially registered with the national badminton federation.

Present at the launch event on Monday was also Minister Lim Swee Say, President of the Singapore Badminton Association. Minister Lim said,

"… With the strong support of title sponsor Aviva and others, we will sustain Singapore Open as a premier event. By attracting the best players from around the world to compete in Singapore, we aim to bring the interest and support for Badminton here in Singapore to an even higher level. We hope Singaporeans will come out in full force at the Aviva Open Singapore 2004 in November this year."

With so much in store for everyone at the Aviva Open, event organisers are expecting another record turnout in attendance figures. Judging from a survey done in 2002, the event is gaining popularity among students and working professionals, as results showed that about 44% of all respondents who watched the tournament were from these demographic groups. Last year, students and working professionals made up a significant 73% of the spectators.

Come November, it will be world-class players 'live' in action in Singapore and Aviva is proud to bring our all badminton and sports fans this prestigious event.

A single season pass to the week-long tournament costs S$34 if purchased before 31 Oct 2004. After 31 Oct, a single season ticket will cost S$43. Those who buy in bulk (20 tickets and above) will pay $28 per ticket. Tickets to the finals will cost S$19 (adult) and $12 for students (13-17 years) and S$12 for children (2-12 years). Children from 2-12 years will enjoy free admission from the qualifying to the quarterfinals (Nov 15-19). Everyone will also be able to enjoy free admission to the qualifying rounds.

Besides world-class badminton action, spectators to this year's Aviva Open can also enjoy game booths and a wide selection of food and beverage outlets.

Tickets can be bought online at www.sistic.com.sg or call Sistic hotline at +656348 5555.

For more information, visit www.singaporebadmintonopen.com