Cash management fee

Cash Management Fee

With effect from 1 October 2006, a Cash Management Fee will be charged on a monthly basis, or part thereof, at the rate of 0.35% per annum, on the average cash balances in your Navigator Cash Account(s) during the month.

Since the inception of Navigator, we have offered the Navigator Cash Account Free-Of-Charge. This has remained unchanged for years even while other providers have begun charging already. The new fee more accurately reflects our efforts in managing and maximizing your cash for you, yet not compromising on your cash capital and the Cash Account benefits you currently enjoy. You still enjoy faster turnarounds when transacting through the cash account. And you continue to earn interest on your transitional monies.

The Cash Management fee will be paid to Navigator from your respective Navigator Cash Account(s), by way of deducting the fee amount from the monthly interest earned from the monies in the Navigator Cash Account(s) at the end of each month. The net interest will then be credited to the Cash Account(s) after month end.