Navigator's new T&C and administrative forms

Change in Navigator's Terms and Conditions and administrative forms

We would like to inform that we are revising Navigator's Terms and Conditions, as well as administrative forms. The new Terms and Conditions and administrative forms will be replacing the respective existing documents with effect from 1 November 2007. We strongly encourage you to read the new Terms and Conditions if you are a new or existing investor, or if you are thinking of investing into any of our Navigator Investment Plans. Do also note that you must complete the new administrative forms if you, upon consultation with your Financial Adviser, require any transactions to be carried out with effect from 1 November 2007.

New Navigator Terms and Conditions (will apply from 1 November 2007):

New Administrative Forms (will apply from 1 November 2007) These forms are now available to your Financial Adviser or from the Navigator secured website.

Please contact your Financial Adviser Representative or our Customer Services Executives at 6827 7555 for further assistance.