Lower Sales Charges for Navigator CPF/ASPF

Lower Sales Charges for Navigator CPF/ASPF Investment Plans

Following a CPF Board directive to implement lower charges on new CPF investments in funds under CPFIS for the benefit of all customers, we wish to highlight that with effect from 1 July 2007, sales charges under CPF investments cannot exceed 3%.

As a result, Navigator has revised our upfront fee, annual establishment fee and switching fee under the Navigator Investment Plan - CPF/ASPF accordingly. Please click here for the revised fee rates under the respective fee structures that will apply with effect from 1 July 2007.

If you have previously selected an Easy Save regular investment option under your investment plans where your current fee rate is more than the new maximum limits, we wish to highlight that you will now need to modify your affected fee rate under your Easy Save option to ensure that they are within the new maximum allowable limits. If you are affected by the CPF Board directive, we strongly encourage you to contact your Financial Adviser to modify your fee rate for your Easy Save investments before 1 July 2007.