Title Sponsorship of Aviva Open Singapore


Research demonstrates strong value of Aviva Open Singapore sponsorship

Aviva, the leading provider of protection, savings and investments, has reaffirmed its commitment to Singapore's foremost badminton tournament by signing a title sponsorship deal of over US$1,000,000 for a further two years, until 2009. Aviva's sponsorship will help elevate the tournament to new heights, as the company continues to build on its position as title sponsor.

Research commissioned by Aviva to assess the relevance of sports sponsorship demonstrates that more and more, Singaporeans recognise sport as an important part of life, with 41.5% agreeing that children should spend their free time playing sport or learning an artistic skill. Furthermore, the average Singaporean is a badminton fan, and 15% of Singaporeans plan to attend or have attended the Aviva Open Singapore, making it a strong platform to engage the general public.

Aviva's sponsorship of the tournament demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to fostering sporting excellence – at all levels, whilst also ensuring to give back to the community. It also provides a vehicle for Aviva to bring its brand values to life by driving home the links between sport, health and fitness.

Shaun Meadows, CEO of Aviva Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East, commented: "We are delighted to announce that we have just extended our sponsorship for a further two years. Aviva is a strong believer in encouraging active lifestyles at all ages to ensure a healthy physical and mental wellbeing, and sports sponsorship has proved a very successful means of engaging a variety of audiences".

"At Aviva, we believe that, from grassroots players to professional athletes, consistent support goes a long way to helping them reach their full potential. With enough inspiration, determination and planning, you can achieve extraordinary things. At Aviva we encourage self-determination, we believe in helping those who help themselves and that if you have determination, everything else will follow. It is with this core belief in mind that we are happy to support one of the most vibrant sporting communities in Singapore."

Mr Ng Yoke Wng, Chairman of the Singapore Badminton Association's Organising Committee added: "The Aviva Open Singapore 2008 marks a milestone in our country's badminton history as we celebrate Aviva's renewed commitment to the sport and tournament as title sponsor. This year, we also hope to once again surpass our target of 31,000 visitors throughout the course of the five day tournament."

The research commissioned by Aviva suggests that Global events such as F1 and the Olympics will have positive effects on the sports sponsorship industry, as they will provide greater acceptance of sponsorship as a marketing channel for many businesses.

Although global sporting events are anticipated to continue to dominate the media field in Singapore, local sports will continue to mature through better funding and support (coaching and equipment). As local platforms improve and professionalise, local sportsmen and women will have the opportunity to develop their skills. This, ultimately, will lead to greater support for the local sports platform.

Aviva has long been a key sponsor of a variety of sporting events around the region, including the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, the Aviva India Cricket Tournament, the Aviva Ironman Singapore and is also a sponsor of one of Hong Kong's most up and coming football teams, 'Convoy Sun Hei'.

We would like to re-assure you and your clients that Aviva is a very focused business with a clear strategy operating in specific market sectors and we remain confident of the strength of Aviva's balance sheet. Aviva plc gave extensive disclosures at the half year which demonstrated our strong balance sheet and sound capital position.

Aviva continues to monitor developments in the market, and Aviva's risk management procedures and credit controls continue to ensure the group has a strong balance sheet and capital position.


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About The Aviva Open Singapore
To be held at the Singapore Indoor stadium from the 10th to the 15th of June 2008, the tournament – retaining its status as one of just 12 premier events in the Badminton World Federation Super Series, ranked only behind the Olympics and grand slam events in the international Badminton calendar – will offer a prize purse of US$200,000.

Tickets for the Aviva Open Singapore 2008 will be available from Wednesday, 16 April 2008 from SISTIC at www.sistic.com as well as at all authorised outlets.

For more details on the Aviva Open Singapore 2008, please visit: the official website www.singaporebadmintonopen.com.

About Aviva
Aviva is the leading provider of life and pensions to Europe with substantial positions in other markets around the world, making it the world's fifth largest insurance group based on gross worldwide premiums at 31 December 2006.

Aviva's principal business activities are long-term savings, fund management and general insurance, with worldwide total sales of S$148.09 billion and funds under management of S$1043 billion at 31 December 2007.

About Singapore Badminton Association (SBA)
The Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) is the national authority for badminton in Singapore. It was founded in 1929 and has since grown from strength to strength. The Association serves to promote and encourage the development of badminton in Singapore. It also co-ordinate, regulate, advise and administer all matters relating to the badminton game. It is the governing body of the badminton game in Singapore and is a member of the Badminton World Federation.