Under-insured, at risk and unaware


  • Under-insured: Over half (51 percent) of travellers who participated in the survey don't buy travel insurance on a regular basis
  • At risk: Nearly three quarters (71 percent) have experienced some form of disruption to their holiday*. Nearly one in three have lost at least one valuable item whilst travelling*
  • Unaware: Nearly one third (31 percent) don't know that the theft of valuables can be covered by travel insurance

Travelling without insurance has become a new form of adventure tourism for Singaporeans, according to the results of new survey released today by Aviva, which revealed holidaymakers are under-insured and unaware of the benefits of travel insurance.

The study showed that over half (51 percent) of travellers go on holiday with no insurance whatsoever on a regular basis, despite 71 percent of travellers experiencing major incidents or disruptions on holiday and nearly one third (31 percent) losing valuable items on their travels – all of which can be covered.

The study, which was commissioned by Aviva, one of Singapore's largest direct online insurers, aims to help the firm better understand the needs of travellers from the red dot. It revealed that many are unaware what travel insurance covers. 49 percent didn't know that travel insurance can cover the misconnection of scheduled (IATA) flights; whilst 41 percent were unaware they can be compensated if the airline they have booked with goes bankrupt. Nearly one third (31 percent) had no idea they can claim on the theft of valuables and one in five didn't realise insurance covers medical fees for injuries caused by accidents.

"We were surprised to discover that so many people are exposed to flight delays, lost baggage, medical expenses and a host of other unforeseen circumstances, which are sadly a reality of modern travel. All of these things and more are covered by Aviva's range of comprehensive travel insurance products, which start from as little as S$11.88 ^. That's less than a tube of sun block!" said Paul Jackson, Head of General Insurance, Aviva Singapore.

The research went on to show that some holidaymakers believe travel insurance is completely unnecessary. One in four respondents said they feel insurance is not required for short trips, while one in ten aged between 21 and 30 stated it is not useful at all. This was greater than the number of those in the same age bracket that felt being insured was a necessity.

"We've recently helped a number of our customers out of some very tricky situations while abroad, including one case that involved a helicopter airlift to the nearest hospital. This is what we're here for, and this survey underlines how important it is to get covered while on holiday," added Peter Holce, Claims Manager, Aviva Singapore.


  • Celebrities are holidaymakers ideal travel companions. Angelina Jolie was the most popular choice, followed by David Beckham and Stefanie Sun.
  • Men are half as likely to pick their spouse as their travel companion as women.
  • Holidaymakers would miss their electronic devices (mobile phones, laptops and cameras) more than any other item if lost/ stolen.
  • Japan is travellers' favourite holiday destination.
  • USA was ranked as on of tourists' least favourite places to visit along with Africa, the Middle East and South America.


About Aviva Travel Insurance

The Aviva Travel insurance is designed to assist travellers in the case of loss, medical emergency or general travel related enquiries whilst on an overseas trip. Customers in Singapore can choose from two policy options – Travel Plus and Travel Lite. Premiums start from S$11.88, and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

About Survey

# The survey was conducted by Kadence International from 4th to 8th Nov 2010. The survey results are based on data collected from 200 online respondents aged between 18 to 50yrs old who have travelled for leisure in the last 12 months. Aviva Ltd assume no liability for loss or damage arising as a result of errors, omissions, use or misuse of data presented on this page.

* All these incidences can be covered by travel insurance
^ Terms and conditions apply