Aviva launches yuan insurance plan


Aviva and our long-time bancassurance partner, DBS Bank, have launched the Dragon Renminbi Plan -- Singapore's first Renminbi-denominated insurance plan. A 5-year, single premium endowment, the plan will allow investors to take advantage of opportunities on offer in the rapidly developing Chinese market. The Dragon Renminbi Plan is available to investors at all DBS Treasures Centres, with a minimum single premium of RMB250,000. Mr Simon Newman, CEO of Aviva Singapore, shared that the plan provides investors with a fixed return of 2.85%, thus allowing investors to gain access to China without taking on excessive market risk. Mr Jeremy Soo, Managing Director and Head, Consumer Banking Group (Singapore), DBS Bank, added that he is confident the demand for Renminbi-denominated products will continue as investors seek to diversify their portfolio and capitalise on the relative strength of the Asian economy.

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