Ladies are not worse drivers

Press release

Aviva : Ladies are not worse drivers and did you know, you could get into an accident even before leaving the car park!

We’ve all heard of that age old stereotype – ladies are worse drivers than men. While many might agree based on personal experience alone, insurer Aviva’s car insurance claims statistics from January - June 2013 tell another tale.

Aviva, who provide Singaporeans with car insurance directly online ( and via the phone (+65 6827 9953) found that, whether male or female, we are all equally susceptible to mishaps. Here are five major findings from Aviva, which will make you rethink what really takes place on the roads of Singapore.

1. An equal amount of accident claims are made by males and females.
The long debated stereotype of women being inferior drivers can finally be tossed aside. Aviva’s claims statistics reveal that there are an equal number of accident claims by males and females (50% each). So gender aside, drivers should always practice safe driving habits – regardless of their driving experience and confidence in handling a vehicle – to avoid being part of the statistic.

2. 1 in every 5 cars meet with accidents yearly, on the road and off!
Statistics show that 1 in every 5 cars insured by Aviva have an accident and make a claim. Of these, 23% of accidents occurred on expressways, while 12% occurred even before the driver had left the carpark! Roads such as Upper Thomson Road, Bukit Timah Road and Upper Serangoon Road also made the list as the most accident-prone roads where mishaps occur.

The top 10 accident-prone roads – in no particular order – are:

  • Bukit Timah Road
  • Upper Serangoon Road
  • Thomson Road
  • Upper Thomson Road
  • Braddell Road
  • Clementi Road
  • Yio Chu Kang Road
  • Lornie Road
  • Alexandra Road
  • Balestier Road

3. Timing is everything, and weekend driving is not as relaxing as you might think!
Apart from where you’re driving, when you’re driving also makes a difference to the chance of getting into an accident. Close to half (45%) of accidents occur during rush hour, between 7 - 10 am and 5 - 8 pm on weekdays.

Driving during the weekend is not an easier feat either. Aviva’s findings show that the average accident occurrence per day is the same for a weekend (14%) as it is on a weekday (15%)!

Mr. Pan Jing Long, Head of General Insurance, Aviva Singapore, suggests, “Try to leave more time for your journey so you’re not stressed. This is especially so during peak hour when there are more cars on the road and traffic is slower. Drivers who are in a hurry tend to be more careless or engage in reckless driving behaviour like tailgating.”

4. 1 in 5 claims are made against the driver’s own policy.
When purchasing car insurance, some Singaporeans may choose to opt for just third party cover. You might want to reconsider that – 1 in 5 claims are from drivers claiming against their policy for own damage.

Pan advised, “Weigh the premiums against the coverage. Third party cover means repairs for your own car aren’t covered. If you’re concerned about reducing out-of-pocket costs in such a situation, getting comprehensive coverage will give you greater peace of mind. Ultimately, even though premiums are higher for comprehensive coverage, they are manageable as they can be planned for, compared to unexpected and costly repair bills.”

5. Keep your eyes on the road at all times – there’s a high probability you might hit someone from behind!
Accidents can happen in many ways. Aviva’s top three most common accidents based on their claims data are as follows:

  • 43% of reported accidents are from a front to rear collision
  • 17% of reported accidents are a front to side collision
  • 13% were part of a chain collision involving three cars or more
  • 11% report an accident from a side swipe (typically happening when two cars are both making a turn)

The statistics are clear – accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, and in many ways. It’s during these moments that the importance of a good, comprehensive insurance policy is evident, alleviating the pain of repair payments. With Aviva, assistance is also only a phone call away – a representative will arrive at the scene of the accident within 20 minutes to help you with the entire claims process, and get you to where you need to be if your car can’t be driven. Even if it’s just a jump start or a tyre change that you need, Aviva provides free breakdown assistance or free towing services too!

Click here for an infographic of these car accident claims statistics.