Aviva Singapore: First-in-Southeast Asia emergency call assistance service for distressed drivers

Aviva, a leading insurer in Singapore, has launched a car insurance plan available in three tiers (Lite, Standard and Prestige) to allow customers the flexibility to choose a level of coverage that best suits their individual needs. The Motor Prestige plan also includes an emergency call ("eCall") service that provides automated, rapid assistance during emergency situations – a first for all car insurance policies in Southeast Asia!

Every year, road traffic accidents take more than 1.25 million lives and leave over 50 million injured1 worldwide. In Singapore, 118 fatal accidents occurred and 122 lives were lost in 20172. Speed of response is critical when an accident occurs, and ensuring emergency care is quickly provided for the injured can make a significant difference.

Aviva's new eCall service seeks to create a safer environment for drivers by enabling rapid response, and is complimentary for all Motor Prestige policyholders. Leveraging a smart sensor device designed for crash detection ("plug") and a companion smartphone application ("app") for automated accident reporting, eCall enables up to 40% faster reactions in emergency situations.

When a crash occurs, the retrofit eCall plug automatically detects and assesses collision severity, and transmits this information to the app. The app then notifies Aviva's 24/7 helpline immediately, along with key details such as the driver's location and direction of travel. Helpline personnel will get in touch with the driver to understand the situation and provide assistance – depending on severity, this could entail guiding them through post-accident procedures over the phone and organising tow-trucks if required, or alerting first responders or an ambulance for emergency support. This is especially critical in cases whereby the driver is severely injured or unconscious, and unable to seek help.

In addition, emergency contacts (as stated by the driver) will also be immediately notified of the incident via text. They can then contact the driver or Aviva's helpline for more details.

The eCall feature also allows drivers to manually send requests for assistance to Aviva's helpline at any time. This would be handy in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as car breakdowns.

Pan Jing Long, Head of General Insurance at Aviva Singapore, said, "At Aviva, we wish to provide our customers and their loved ones with greater peace of mind. eCall serves as a digital guardian angel that creates a smarter and safer environment for drivers, and grants them the assurance of knowing that help is always on-hand. Apart from enabling timely emergency assistance, it also provides us with the necessary data to start post-accident procedures such as claims processing, thereby speeding up processes and enabling greater convenience and satisfaction for our customers."

The end-to-end innovative solution was developed by Starhub for Aviva. The hardware was manufactured by Bosch and includes a highly precise crash detection algorithm combined with Belladati's IoT Advanced Analytics Platform via an intelligent smartphone app.

Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief of Enterprise Business Group at StarHub, said, "Aviva makes an excellent example of how a company in a Smart Nation can use data and technology to their strategic advantage, raising the standard of service and driving better business outcomes. We are honoured to be working with Aviva, helping them leverage telematics, Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies to create data-driven innovative business models and enhance customer support and satisfaction, thereby differentiating themselves further from other market players."

Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of Robert Bosch GmbH, said, "Bosch is at the forefront of combining automotive safety with the Internet of Things (IoT). The telematics eCall plug by Bosch's Connected Devices and Solutions division makes connecting cars to emergency services possible, making vehicles safer particularly during emergencies. For Bosch, no car is too old to be a lifesaver, which is why we have developed an eCall solution in the form of the telematics eCall plug."

"Aviva remains committed to investing in technology as we view it as a means to ultimately improve quality of life for our customers. We are thankful to have the support of StarHub and Bosch, both renowned players in this space, as we launch this exciting eCall feature and forge yet another milestone in protecting our customers from uncertainty," continued Aviva's Pan.


Post-crash Response Booklet 

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