Aviva Singapore pledged to support Sayang Sayang Fund amidst COVID-19

Singapore – As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact people and businesses locally and globally, communities across Singapore will require continued assistance. In support of this, Aviva has pledged $100,000 to the Sayang Sayang Fund initiated by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS).

The Sayang Sayang Fund was established to extend help to both healthcare professionals and sensitive communities that may be impacted by COVID-19.

The fund pledged by Aviva will go towards supporting:

  • The provision of transport vouchers to frontline healthcare staff in public healthcare institutions such as hospitals and polyclinics. Ancillary staff such as cleaners and security personnel are also included.
  • The provision of support funds to staff working in community-based healthcare organisations such as nursing homes, community hospitals, and rehabilitation centres. This is to acknowledge their relentless service and boost morale.
  • Additional aid to community partners and charities supporting vulnerable communities like seniors and low-income families who are impacted by the heightened precautionary measures taken during COVID-19. This includes medical and cleaning supplies, subsidised medical treatment, and grocery vouchers.

During these trying times, it is important that the nation bands together to protect the people in Singapore, especially those who are more vulnerable, as best as we can.

About Sayang Sayang Fund

Affectionately named as the Sayang Sayang Fund, it takes after a local colloquial term that most people are familiar with – to love and to care. The objectives of the fund are:

  • To provide support for vulnerable communities who are impacted due to the precautionary measures taken recently
  • To show appreciation to healthcare staff who are working tirelessly managing the increased workload

About Aviva

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