Aviva’s Response to the Tripartite Advisory on Mental Well-being at Workplaces

The recent MOM announcement highlights the immediate need and growing importance of managing the mental state of employees. As the pandemic continues to persist, the toll on Singaporeans’ mental health is becoming increasingly tangible. With work-from-home a common practice, employees may be struggling to find the balance between their personal and professional lives in doing so, leading to an increase in anxiety and burnout. Social isolation has also exacerbated their stress levels. Therefore, now, more than ever, leaders of organisations need to prioritise the well-being of their employees. The organisation’s ability to provide the right support for their workforce is a measure of their ability to come out strong at the end of this pandemic.

As a one of the largest employee insurance providers in Singapore, Aviva recognises our responsibility in addressing the society’s mental wellbeing outcomes. As such, we have introduced a Mental Wellness Plan for our employee benefits and health insurance. The coverage provides employers the flexibility to cover both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric as well as psychological treatments for their employees. 

Aviva is a firm believer in progressive work policies. That is why as a leading employee insurance provider, we recognise the importance of mental health awareness and are committed to increase the accessibility to mental health treatments and services. In so doing, we hope to encourage people in Singapore get the help they need and achieve better mental well-being outcomes,

said Manu Tandon, Head, Group Life & Health Distribution, Aviva Singapore.

For employees who require help, the Group Psychological Wellness Benefit allows employees to claim for consultations, standard diagnostic tests, treatments and medication recommended by Aviva’s preferred psychologists and psychiatrists.