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Aviva relationship consultants


  • Maintain a high level of sales performance by actively participating in all the activities as assigned.
  • Provide the highest quality of financial advice for our customers.
  • Service the leads, and existing policies for claims etc. as assigned effectively.

Team managers


  • Recruit, train, and develop a corporate sales team with a Champion's mindset.
  • Source, plan, and conduct seminars/activities to ensure that your team will have the desired level of activities to help them to exceed their targets.
  • Ensure that all sales/related activities of your team are conducted to the highest standards and quality.

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What #LifeAtAviva means

Eljin Lee, Team Leader at Affinity Channel

"From average to outstanding, how?"

"I come from an engineering background in NUS and I started my first job with a local bank doing bancassurance. As a new entrant to the industry, I struggled for consistency and sales production. My sales were average and qualifying for Sales Convention and Awards have never crossed my mind.

It was life-changing when I joined Affinity in 2017. I qualified for my very first Hong Kong Convention 2017 with my manager’s love, support and care. I truly feel that I can grow my career with Affinity and leave my legacy.

Leading by example is one of the most effective ways of developing personal growth. The hands-on experience from my Group Sales Manager and Manager has revealed a new perspective on my career aspiration.


Qualifying for Gold Coast Convention 2018, Greece Convention 2019 and Cape Town Convention 2020 have become my legacy.

Affinity is built on the foundation of GRIT: Growth, Respect, Integrity and Trust. With a strong belief in the core values created by the management team, my purpose in Affinity is crystal clear where my ideal of 'simply a job' evolve into a remarkable career.

In 2018, I was promoted from ARC to Premier ARC and in 2019, I was given the opportunity to lead my team as a people leader. This has transformed my career aspiration from an average producer to be a top performer and a leader. There is no definite formula to success but the key ingredients to success will always be taking a leap of faith with the power of positivity to strive towards our goals."

Eljin Lee
Team Leader at Affinity Channel

Christine Lay, Senior Aviva Relationship Consultant

"Shaping my own career progression with a better work-life balance"

"I was formerly an Electrical Design Engineer and what inspires me to step out of my comfort zone to become a Financial Advisor is that I wanted to shape my own business and career progression with a better work-life balance. As a Design Engineer, my analytical skills gave me an advantage in analyzing and recommending the best financial planning to clients based on different life stages and needs.


I was not confident and was sceptical with the career switch at first, bringing negativity towards my new career. The negativity never lasts long, with the guidance of my supportive managers and colleagues who are generous in sharing their valuable experiences and knowledge, it was truly a pleasant and smooth transition. The transition journey was never an easy war, the learning curve was steep, but it was a fulfilling journey as I get to learn new skills every other day and achieve the goals that I have set."

Christine Lay
Senior Aviva Relationship Consultant