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Customer Knowledge Assessment

What is Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)?

What is a Specified Investment Product (SIP)?

Who is affected?

How is CKA conducted?

How do I complete the CKA?

How long is my CKA valid?

I failed my CKA. What does it mean for me?

I use your MyAviva platform. Has anything changed on MyAviva for CKA?

Any additional resources I can refer to?

Personal Data Protection Act – Data Protection / Do-Not-Call

Where can I find out more about the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

Attaching Riders

How do I get advice on the type of riders that can be added to my basic Policy plan?

How do I obtain a quotation for a rider?

Policy Loan

How can I apply for a Policy Loan?

What are the minimum and maximum Policy Loan amounts I can request?

How quickly can I receive my policy loan amount?

Maturing of a Policy

How will I know and will I be notified of the maturity of my Policy?

When will I be notified of the maturity of my Policy?

What is my Policy's projected return at maturity?

Surrendering of a Policy

When can I surrender my Policy?

How do I know the amount of Cash Value acquired by my Policy?

What documents will I need to submit when I want to surrender my Policy?

Can I surrender part of my Policy? If yes, how much can I surrender?

When can I receive the Policy proceeds?

Assigning a Policy

How do I assign a Policy?

Converting to Paid-Up Policy

How do I check my Policy's paid-up value?

How do I update my new contact information?

Nomination of Beneficiaries

To whom does the nomination of beneficiary(ies) framework apply?

Can an employee under a Group Insurance policy make a nomination?**

Can I make a nomination for a policy that I own under Aviva SAF Group Term Life/Health Plan?

Can joint lives policy make a nomination?

Can I make nomination under the new framework if I had already nominated both spouse and/or children as beneficiaries under the old Section 73 framework?

How do you make a nomination?

What do you need to take note when completing the forms?