MyShield & MyHealth Plus FAQ

Most popular questions


What is MyShield?

Does MediShield Life duplicate the coverage I have under MyShield and/or MyHealthPlus?

Will I receive premium subsidies even though I am insured under MyShield? Do I have to downgrade from MyShield plan to MediShield Life to receive the premium subsidies?

Can I add in riders to cover deductible and co-insurance?

Can I add in riders to cover deductible and co-insurance?

Am I eligible to buy MyShield?

What happens to my IP from another private insurer if I sign up for MyShield?

I have signed up for MyShield and was recently hospitalised. Do I need to inform Aviva?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan to 1, 2, 3 or Standard Plan?

Will the premium paid be refunded to me if I terminate my policy?

Why should I request for a pre-authorisation?

Is pre-authorisation available for all inpatient treatment and day surgery?

What happens after I have requested for a pre-authorisation?

How can I access ClaimConnect?

What are the features available in ClaimConnect for MyShield customers?

How will the claims be computed since CPF Board and Aviva are jointly insuring me?

If I am admitted into a hospital overseas, how do I submit the claim?

Are annual deductible and co-insurance applied to all claims?

How does the pro-ration factor work?

My company provides me with a group medical insurance cover, can I still claim under MyShield or MediShield Life? What is the process?

How do I make a claim?

How do I file the claims for pre- or post-hospital treatment bills?

What are the eligibility criteria for Aviva’s eLOG?

How does the eLOG facility work? With eLOG, does it mean that the hospitalisation will be cashless?

Which are the participating Hospitals providing eLOG?


What is MyHealthPlus?

What are the differences between Option A-II and Option C-II?

Am I eligible to buy MyHealthPlus?

How can my child qualify for Free Cover for Child(ren)?