Aviva's eCall: A life-saving plug

Safety is a priority when you're driving on the road and with Aviva's eCall (emergency call), you're one step ahead.

Aviva is the first and only insurer in Singapore to launch eCall assistance service in collaboration with Bosch. Aviva's eCall assistance is expected to be quicker by 40% in emergency response, which can help to save lives during those critical moments.

In an unfortunate event of an accident when the driver is unable to call for help, as detected by Aviva's smart sensor device, eCall automatically contacts Aviva's emergency team.

The eCall smart sensor device, using Bosch's best-in-class technology, features acceleration sensors and adaptive algorithms designed for crash detection. Real-time data such as the crash severity level, vehicle's location and time of the accident will be transmitted to Aviva's emergency team, who will then contact you or provide you with assistance at the accident scene. Drivers should also have internet connection on their mobile phone, the same service is also extended to their authorized driver, if any.

Simply plug the device into the cigarette lighter outlet of your vehicle and connect it via Bluetooth to Aviva's companion app. The eCall device is built as a plug, which fits perfectly well into any vehicle's well-known 12V cigarette lighter outlet. Once connected, you've got yourself a complete eCall system on the road.

It's always wise to be overprepared than underprepared for unexpected situations. A small but powerful device like this can save you, whenever it's needed. 

How to install eCall

Watch our 3-step tutorial on how to pair your eCall device with Aviva's eCall companion app.

How to pair your eCall device with Aviva's companion app

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