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How MySavingsPlan works...

Brandon is an operations manager aged 35, married with twin daughters aged 4.

He wants to save up S$70,000 by the time he is 60, so that he can be financially secure and travel with his wife, during their retirement.

Brandon buys MySavingsPlan1 so that he can have a structured way to reach this long-term goal.

Need enhanced coverage? For an additional S$10.70 per month2, (less than 2% of the basic plan annual premium) Brandon has secured his wealth with Aviva's guaranteed issuance riders - Cancer Premium Waiver and Easy Term, should the worst happen.

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How MyEasySaver works...

Tony is a graphic designer, aged 25 and single. He spends most of his income on shopping, eating and holidays with friends.

But Tony has big dreams for the future and feels guilty for not having much savings. His intention is to start his own design company before he turns 40.

So, Tony buys MyEasySaver*, a structured plan which helps him to save up and allow him to go on his annual holiday. By the time he is 37, Tony will have a lump sum of money as capital for his start-up.  

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How MyRegularPay works...

Simon Wah is a 35 year old operations manager who is married with two young children aged 3 and 5 years old. Simon would love to be able to take his family for an annual holiday but he always felt that it's more important to save for his children's university education. He's also trying to accumulate a sum of money that can serve as a rainy day fund.

Simon's savings goal is to have a lump sum of S$35,000 accumulated at the end of 15 years , while enjoying an annual cash payout of S$2,500.

This is how MyRegularPay can work for him…

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How MyWealthPlan works...

Meet your savings goal with MyWealthPlan

Enjoy the flexibility to choose the premium payment term that works for you

How MyEduPlan works...

Do you have enough to fund for your kids University fees and related expenses?

Support your child's aspiration with MyEduPlan

With MyEduPlan, you can choose how much you want to save for your child's University education.

Learn how MyEduPlan can help you finance your child's University education expenses

How MyRetirement Plus works...

Mr. Tan, age 40 would like to retire at age 65 (Age Next Birthday) and receive a Monthly Guaranteed Retirement Income1 of S$1,000 per month, for 20 years. He chooses a 10-year premium payment term of MyRetirement Plus.

With MyRetirement Plus, Mr. Tan's Monthly Guaranteed Retirement Income1 will increase every year at 3.5%2 compound interest to help him meet the rising cost of living.

Need enhanced coverage? With an additional annual premium of S$88.753, Mr. Tan can cover himself against accidental fracture.

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How MyIncomePlus works...

Ryan, aged 57, who wishes to retire at age 62, opts for a 5-year Accumulation Period with MyIncomePlus.

How Ryan can start funding for his later years with MyIncomePlus

If Ryan prefers a 10-year Income Period then he will pay a single premium of S$83,250*.

How much would Ryan receive at the end of his policy term?

How MyFamilyCover works...

John, aged 35 years old on his next birthday, is married with two young children. He is the sole breadwinner in his family. They have just moved into their new HDB flat for which they have put in a large part of their cash savings as down payment.

John worries that should anything unfortunate happen to him, such as sudden death or Critical Illness, his family would struggle financially with their high monthly expenses.

He wants to plan for his family to receive a monthly income of S$3,000 per month and has decided on a cover term of 30 years that will protect him till he's 65 years old.

With MyFamilyCover, John will receive a pay out if he is diagnosed with Critical Illness at age 45 and passes away at age 55.

How MyFamilyCover could help him and his family

In another scenario, if John suffers Total and Permanent Disability at age 62.

How MyFamilyCover could help John if he can no longer provide for his family

How MyProtector-MoneyBack works...

James Kho is a 35 year old account manager for a multinational firm. He has two young children, aged 6 and 2 years old.

He is worried that he doesn't have sufficient life insurance coverage, especially when his friend has recently died, leaving behind his wife and newborn baby. James has therefore decided to purchase MyProtector-MoneyBack with a Sum Assured of S$200,000 and has chosen to pay S$1,915.75* annually, over a 15-year coverage term.

Here's how MyProtector-MoneyBack can serve James and his family.

If James gets into an accident at age 48 and as a result, suffers from Total and Permanent Disability1 (TPD).

Learn how MyProtector-MoneyBack could help James and his family

In another scenario, when James lives a happy and healthy life.

How you can still receive your money when your policy expires

My Life Choice

Your first policy should offer the best value for money

John is 30 and will be getting married soon. As his financial commitments will increase after marriage, he is looking for an affordable, first life policy to insure himself. He wants a plan that offers high protection, constant savings and bonus payouts, which will help him with retirement planning. 

John starts with MyLifeChoice. He chooses a Sum Assured (SA) of S$150,000 at a level premium4 of S$336.20 per month, payable over 20 years. During these 20 years, he is able to get 200% of the Sum Assured (S$300,000) through Minimum Protection Value (MPV)2. Not only does he receive high protection during the initial years, the accumulated bonuses also help him save for later years. Upon retirement, he has the option to withdraw the savings3

Here's how it works

High Protection with savings for your child

Mr. and Mrs. Lim have just had their first child - Rachel. Being new parents, they want to start saving early for Rachel's future.

Before Rachel's first birthday, they purchase MyLifeChoice with a Sum Assured (SA) of S$100,000 at a level premium4 of S$98.65 per month. This is to be paid over the next 20 years.

During these 20 years, Rachel is able to get 275% of the Sum Assured (S$275,000) through Minimum Protection Value (MPV)2. Not only does she receive high protection in the initial years, the bonuses also add to her savings for later years. 

On Rachel's 21st birthday, Rachel's parents will gift this policy to her.

Here's how it works

1  You will be able to purchase new term protection coverage for death or Terminal Illness benefit with extra premium payable, without providing evidence of health. The Policyholder may opt for this option at each of the following key life events: (a) the Life Assured marries or divorce (i.e. change of marital status) (b) the Life Assured becomes a parent and has a new born child, or legally adopts a child (i.e. adding a new child member to the immediate family) (c) the Life Assured graduates from tertiary education. This option can be taken up to 50% of MyLifeChoice basic Sum Assured, or up to a maximum of S$250,000 per life, whichever is lower. This is irrespective of the number of MyLifeChoice Policies the Life Assured may have. This option is extended to standard life only. 

2  Applicable for a period of first 20 policy years or up to the Policy Anniversary when the Life Assured attains age 65 next birthday, whichever is earlier. 

3  The Life Assured is given the option to withdraw a lump sum at the Policy Anniversary when the Life Assured attains age 65 or at any Policy Anniversary thereafter before the policy matures. Policyholder may submit the request to withdraw once per policy. This option is only available after the premiums for the MyLifeChoice basic policy have been fully paid at the end of the premium payment term, provided no indebtedness upon the request for the Advance Cash Withdrawal. The lump sum amount is not guaranteed and the amount is determined at our discretion at the time when you request to exercise this option. If this option is exercised, the Maturity Benefit will no longer apply.

4  Premium for optional riders that cover Critical Illnesses benefit is not guaranteed. 

5  This refers to Waiver of Interest Benefit, provided the policy has cash value to cover the total outstanding premiums. Please refer to Product Summary for details. 

6  Critical Illness and Total and Permanent Disability are optional riders.