Get pre-approval of your MyShield claims

To request, call our 24/7 hotline at 1800 8800 880 before your planned medical treatment

Have greater assurance with hassle-free claim pre-approval

Wouldn't it be reassuring if you could have certainty of your claim outcome before your planned medical treatment or hospitalisation? With pre-approval, you can have that assurance!

What's pre-approval?

Who's eligible?

Certainty of claim outcome

With the pre-approval of your medical bill, you can have the assurance of your claim outcome and focus better on your journey to recovery. It’s a recommended procedure if you are seeking non-emergency specialist care under Aviva’s panel specialist.

Cashless and hassle-free

Focus on your recovery with cashless admission (subject to the approved amount) and paperless claims at any of our participating hospitals and clinics. The hospital/clinic will submit your claim directly to Aviva.

Higher coverage and benefits

Getting pre-approval also comes with increased benefits such as higher annual claim limit and extended coverage for pre- and post-hospitalisation treatment benefit.

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Follow this 3-step process for claim pre-approval


Get in touch with us

  • Before proceeding with your planned admission or treatment, ask your panel specialist to submit the Pre-authorisation Request Form (i.e. pre-approval request form) for you.
  • If you prefer to handle it personally, you can call us at 1800 8800 880 with the necessary information.
  • Request for pre-approval at least 5 working days but no more than 6 weeks before your planned admission.

Provide the following information:

  • NRIC & name of the Life Assured
  • Name of the doctor
  • Name of the doctor's clinic
  • Date of the planned admission/day surgery
  • Name of the hospital/clinic for the admission/day surgery
  • Policyholder's email address
  • Policyholder's mobile number

Check that you meet the following criteria:

  • The inpatient treatment or day surgery is done at a private hospital or private clinic in Singapore;
  • The principal doctor must be our panel specialist;
  • You are required to make the request at least 5 working days before the admission date; and
  • The admission date is within 6 weeks from the request date.
Consent for pre-authorisation request:
  • You, declare and warrant that the information you have given is true, correct and complete and no material information has been withheld or omitted. You understand and agree that Aviva relies on the information and declarations you have given to evaluate the Life Assured's pre-authorisation request. If Aviva becomes aware of a material fact which is untrue, incorrect or undisclosed, the Certificate of Pre-Authorisation will not be valid. 
  • You authorise Aviva, its related corporations, service providers and third-party administrators ("Representatives") to ask any clinic, hospital, doctor, person or organisation and the clinic, hospital, doctor, person or organization to disclose to Aviva and the Representatives, all information relating to any illness, injury, medical history, consultations, prescriptions or treatment concerning the Life Assured, and to furnish to Aviva and the Representatives copies of all the Life Assured's hospital or medical records  at any time for the purposes of evaluating, and processing the Life Assured’s  pre-authorisation request and the Life Assured's claims.
  • You also consent to Aviva Ltd (and Aviva related group of companies) collecting, using, disclosing and transferring your personal data among themselves and/or to third-party service providers, reinsurers, suppliers or intermediaries whether located in Singapore or elsewhere, for the above purposes.

Cashless admission with participating hospitals and clinics

If you require hospitalisation and/or surgery, pre-approval of your claim will not only give you certainty of claimability, you can also enjoy cashless admission (subject to the approved amount) if you're receiving treatment at the following participating hospitals or clinics.

Private hospitals

Private clinics

Additional benefits with pre-approval



With pre-approval


 Without pre-approval

Annual claim limit (For MyShield Plan 1) Up to S$2,000,000 Up to S$1,000,000
Pre-hospitalisation treatment benefit As charged up to 180 days As charged up to 90 days
Post-hospitalisation treatment benefit As charged up to 365 days As charged up to 180 days
Annual deductible for inpatient treatment (with MyHealthPlus) Up to $1,000 Up to $2,000
Annual deductible for day surgery (with MyHealthPlus) Up to $500 Up to $1,000

Call us to request for pre-approval of your claim

1800 8800 880

Available 24 hours daily

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