About MyCare and MyCare Plus

We understand that recovery doesn't mean you're 100% ready to get back on your feet. For that, we'll continue to give you a monthly payout during your recovery stage. A little boost to help you push through difficult times.

Securing your future

If you already have basic severe disability1 coverage through ElderShield, you know how important such coverage is. Becoming disabled due to a serious accident or an illness can mean hardship for both you and your loved ones. Severe Disability Insurance helps relieve some of these hardships by providing monthly payouts to help cover some of the costs associated with long-term care.

Is the basic protection offered by ElderShield enough?

While short-term coverage can offer critical assistance, associated costs will continue well after a policy's benefits have expired. Supplementing your ElderShield protection with Aviva's MyCare/ MyCare Plus is important as it will enhance your coverage and provide you with better peace of mind.

Aviva's MyCare/MyCare Plus

With MyCare or MyCare Plus, you can transform your ElderShield cover into lifetime2 benefits with premiums that do not increase with age. The best part about this insurance is that not only can you use cash, you can use Medisave Funds of up to S$600 per calendar year per Life Assured. What's more, you can use your Medisave Funds to cover your spouse, parents or grandparents.

How does the basic MyCare improve my benefits?

MyCare's unlimited payout term means you will receive the monthly payouts as long as you are disabled. At the same time, MyCare will provide you with a higher monthly payout than ElderShield, which can be used to cover for more expenses incurred during your disability.

The other additional benefits are:

  • Tax and GST-free payouts that let you spend your money where it's needed
  • A one time lump sum benefit equal to three times the first monthly payout amount will be provided to help you with the initial expenses at the onset of the disability.
  • A dependent care benefit of $200 per month payable up to 36 months if you have a child aged 21 years old and below at claim.
  • A Rehabilitation Benefit of 50% of the monthly payout during your recovery stage.
  • A death benefit that will pay three times your last payout if death occurs during the severe disability.
  • A waiver of premium payment during benefit3 payouts.
  • A guaranteed renewal that allows you to continue coverage as needed

Customise your policy

Beyond providing you with exceptional benefits for a reasonable premium, Aviva's MyCare also allows you to customise your policy by choosing the coverage options that are right for you. These options include:

Custom Payout Benefit

Choose your preferred monthly payout (inclusive of ElderShield benefit) from a minimum of $600 to a maximum of $5000 (in increments of $100).

Custom Monthly Payout Duration

Choose between a fixed 12-year (144 months) duration or unlimited lifetime payout.

Custom Payment Term

Choose between paying until 66 (age next birthday) or for 20 years from entry age, whichever is later.

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S$100 off first year's premium

MyCare and MyCarePlus now come with S$100 off your first year's premium! T&C apply.

Upgrade your Eldershield

Upgrade your Eldershield with MyCare or MyCare Plus for a higher monthly payout.

1Severe Disability Insurance can help you cover the cost of care and recovery following disability due to accident or illness. The Ministry of Health's ElderShield scheme, introduced in 2002, provides participants with this basic level of protection.

A severe disability due to accident or illness can happen to anyone at any age. The impact on you and your loved ones can be traumatic, especially as daily care costs continue to rise. If you were disabled tomorrow and unable to work, how would you survive? Products like Aviva MyCare, which supplement basic ElderShield coverage, can offer long-term security for you and your family.

2Applicable only if you opt for lifetime benefit payout duration. Alternatively, you may choose to take up MyCare with 12 year (144 months) Benefit Payout duration.

3This refers to when the life assured is receiving either the Severe Disability Benefit or the Rehabilitation Benefit.