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Free Health Management Programme

What the health programme offers

When you put your health first, we do too. We've partnered with Wellthy Therapeutics to extend a complimentary health management programme to MyCoreCI Plan policyholders. All MyCoreCI Plan policyholders whose policy is incepted between 30th Oct 2018 and 31st March 2020 are eligible for the free programme.

  • The programme helps you to manage your lifestyle – what food to eat, how much to exercise, manage weight, etc.
  • Receive coaching and support from a certified health coach on-the-go in a personalised manner.
  • Get updated with health management tips, tricks and articles that have been written by experts.
  • This programme provides instant personalised feedback on your lifestyle from Carey, your very own AI-powered health care expert.
  • Pick up good lifestyle skills and habits that will make you an expert in self-managing your condition.

How this programme could help you

With clinically proven results, you can now manage your health better with Wellthy.

0.49% mean drop in HbA1c

2.36 kg mean weight loss

The results have been published in American Diabetes Association and International Diabetes Federation. Results may vary on case to case basis. 

Hear what others have to say

Whatever I've learned in Wellthy Diabetes app has been ingrained in my routine now. It was very easy for me to follow all the advice.

Parul, age 39

I'm not scared to go for my next HbA1c test now after attending Wellthy programme. I feel fitter and am confident about my health.

Sudhir, age 36

Stay on top of your health today

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