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Because you don't give up, neither will we

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Critical Illness: the crucial cover that Singaporeans most desperately lack

According to national Protection Gap Study 2017, Singaporeans are only covered for 20% of their Critical Illness needs*. But what's stopping them from getting ample coverage?

"My other insurance plans probably already offer this coverage"

Think that Critical Illness coverage is part of your hospitalisation or long-term care plans? These are actually different plans that serve different needs.

"I'm young and healthy; I'll never be afflicted with a Critical Illness"

You can continue to gamble on your health, but truth is, Critical Illness can strike anyone, anytime, even if you don’t have a family history of such illnesses.

"It's costly and not an immediate need, so I'll consider it later"

This is one of the misconceptions about Critical Illness plans – but premiums are actually lower the younger you start. So why not take advantage of youth?

*Working adults have inadequate cover if critical illness strikes, says study, The Straits Times (26 April 2018)

Be well-covered when illness gets critical

Because you deserve more during life's crucial moments

Up to 5 lump sum payouts

Upon diagnosis of Critical Illness (CI) across Early, Intermediate or Severe Stages.

Payout for recurring illnesses

Up to 2 payouts if re-diagnosed with cancer or recurring heart attack or stroke1

High amount of benefit payout to help you with expenses

Receive a total benefit payout of up to 600% of the chosen Sum Assured1

The plan that covers you again

Protecting you across every stage of Critical Illness

Upon diagnosis of the following: Number of lump sum payment Payout amount
Layer 1 Early or Intermediate Stage of CI2 Up to 2X Up to 200% of Sum Assured3
Layer 2 36 Severe Stage CI 1X 300% of Sum Assured less claims made on the Early or Intermediate Stage4
Layer 3

First-time CI: Major Cancers, Heart Attack, Stroke or

Re-diagnosed Cancer, Recurrent Heart Attack, Recurrent Stroke5

1X 150% of Sum Assured6
Layer 4

First-time CI: Major Cancers, Heart Attack, Stroke or

Re-diagnosed Cancer, Recurrent Heart Attack, Recurrent Stroke5

1X 150% of Sum Assured7
Total Up to 5X lump sum payouts Up to 600% of the chosen Sum Assured

Other benefits

Summary of Cover Coverage / Options
Special benefit8
An additional 20% of your Sum Assured is payable upon diagnosis of any one of 24 conditions such as diabetes complications or autism
In the event of death
Lump sum payout of S$5,000 (or equivalent currency)
Future premiums waived Upon diagnosis of Severe Stage CI
Choice of coverage term Ranging from 10 years to age 99 (age next birthday)

We've enhanced our critical illness coverage to give you greater peace of mind. For details, click here.


True inspirations: The undefeatable human spirit

It's amazing how strong the human spirit is. It doesn't matter what Critical Illness strikes, or how many times it comes back – we fight, every single time. Watch how these survivors did it. 

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Please enable your browser JavaScript to view the video

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