Life-long protection without paying a lifetime of premiums

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A plan that lets you leave a mark

Our dual-purpose plan will cover you up to age 99 (Age Next Birthday) and should you outlive your policy term, you'll be rewarded with the Sum Assured. This way, you can leave a legacy for your family no matter what happens.

Covers you up to age 99 (ANB)

Lump-sum payout if you pass away or are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness1 during the policy term.

Receive Longevity Reward

Be rewarded 100% of your Sum Assured2 when you outlive your policy term.

Increase your coverage at key life events

Raise the coverage amount to match your needs without further medical underwriting3.

What MyProtector–Legacy offers

Choose how long you'd like to pay your premiums for – up to age 65 (ANB) or 75 (ANB). This way, you can enjoy life-long protection even when you've stopped working as you'd have paid all your premiums.

Key benefits
  • Covers you up to age 99 (ANB)
    Lump-sum payout in the event of Death or upon diagnosis of a Terminal Illness1 during the policy term.
  • Longevity Reward2
    Receive 100% of your Sum Assured2 at the end of your policy term.
  • Choice of 2 premium payment terms
    Up to age 65 (ANB) or 75 (ANB).
  • Increase your cover (Guaranteed Issuance Option3)
    Raise the coverage amount on your Basic Policy to match your needs at various life stages without further medical underwriting.
  • Option to convert your cover (Guaranteed Convertibility Option4)
    Convert your Basic Policy into a new Endowment or Whole Life Policy without further medical underwriting.

Choice of optional riders5 to enhance your protection

You may also boost your coverage with these add-ons:

  • TPD Advance Cover Plus II6
  • CI Advance Cover Plus II6
  • MultiPay Critical Illness Cover III
  • Early Critical Illness Cover
  • Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  • Payer Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  • Payer Premium Waiver Benefit


Interim Cover T&C

How MyProtector–Legacy could help you

Show your loved ones that they mean the world to you by starting a meaningful legacy.

Working mum: I want a life protection, & leave my kids a gift

Christy is a working mum aged 40 (ANB) and a non-smoker. She worries that should unforeseen Critical Illness or sudden death happen to her, the family would struggle with their monthly expenses. She also wants to be able to leave her kids an inheritance when they're older.

Christy buys MyProtector-Legacy with a Sum Assured of S$1,000,000 which gives her protection against Death and Terminal Illness till she's 99 (ANB). She also adds on two riders: TPD Advance Cover Plus II with S$1,000,000 Sum Assured and CI Advance Cover Plus II with S$300,000 Sum Assured. 

Here's how MyProtector–Legacy could help:

Working mum: I want life protection, and to leave my kids a meaningful gift.

Entrepreneur dad: I want lasting financial security

Frank, aged 40 (ANB), a non-smoker, is a businessman and father of three children. Frank considers his kids and the business that he’s grown from a one-man show to a successful enterprise with 25 employees his greatest pride. 

His business is the main source of income for his family and he wants to ensure that no matter what happens to him, it can continue to run smoothly and give his family financial support.

Here's how MyProtector-Legacy could help:

Entrepreneur dad: I want lasting financial security for my business and family.

For a limited time, enjoy 10% premiums off MyProtector–Legacy

To enjoy this discount, be protected with a minimum sum assured of $1 million.

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Enjoy this discount

Ready to start a legacy?

A legacy of financial assurance could be the greatest gift to your loved ones. Let us help you plan your legacy.

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