MINDEF & MHA promotions

Save on car, travel and home plans

For MINDEF & MHA personnel and family

As long as you're insured with us*, you'll get to enjoy these special savings.

Get up to 39% off Car Insurance

New customers will enjoy 15% discount on top of any existing promotion for their selected coverage and riders. 

Get up to 43% off Travel Insurance

Be it single or multi-trip plans for individuals or groups, enjoy 30% off on top of any existing promotion for your Aviva Travel Insurance.

Get up to 56% off Home Insurance

We'll upgrade you to the next higher tier of plan so you can enjoy premiums savings of up to 56%.

Who's eligible for these privileges?

If you qualify, so do your immediate family members!

MINDEF & MHA Policyholders

*Anyone insured under MINDEF & MHA's voluntary group insurance scheme qualifies. The scheme refers to additional coverage under the Group Term Life (GTL) plan.

Immediate family

The following family members of MINDEF & MHA policyholders, qualify for special deals:

  • Spouse1
  • Children1
  • Parents
  • Siblings

1Copies of relevant marriage or birth certificates must be submitted with the application as proof of relationship.

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