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Investing 101

The beginner's guide to start your investment journey with Navigator

Custody of Assets

A custodian (the "Custodian") is appointed to hold all investment assets on behalf of all Navigator investors, held under an account.

Navigator is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Capital Markets Services Licensee under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) to provide Custodial Services.

There are currently no additional expenses or costs payable for custodial services.

For further details on the role of the Custodian, please read the section on "Custodial Services" under the Investment Account Terms and Conditions.

Opening an Investment Account

Talk to your Financial Adviser Representative. Financial Adviser Representatives can help you assess your personal financial needs and objectives, including investment risk tolerance and investment horizon to then recommend a suitable Navigator Investment Account for each investor's specific circumstances.

If you currently do not have the services of a Financial Adviser Representative, Navigator can help you either directly or through our partnerships with a number of Financial Advisory Firms, whose qualified representatives can advise you on structuring an investment portfolio to match your personal risk profile and financial objectives.

For a list of Financial Advisory Firms partnered by Navigator, please click here

Contract Currencies

Navigator now offers Investments Plans in 2 Contract Currencies:

  • Singapore Dollar (SGD) – Available for all accounts
  • US Dollar (USD) - Available for cash plans only.

If available, you may select your preferred Currency when you apply for a new Investment Account.

Available Investment Accounts

You may invest using any of the following appropriate fund sources:

  • General Investment Account using cash – both SGD and USD;
  • CPF Ordinary Account ("CPF-OA") monies;
  • CPF Special Account ("CPF-SA") monies; and
  • Supplementary Retirement Scheme ("SRS") monies

If you are an Accredited Investor, you can have access to an even wider range of funds managed by reputable Fund Houses. You can also take advantage of more investment opportunities as well as gain access to alternative investments, which uses sophisticated investment techniques and strategies.

Regular Savings Plan

The Regular Savings Plan allows you to invest a fixed sum of money at a nominated frequency, into a particular fund or funds of your choice. It is offered only for SGD fund source and is subject to the minimum investment levels set out in the Schedule – Funds Investment or accessible here.

For more information on the Regular Savings Plan, please contact your Financial Adviser Representative.

Regular Withdrawal Facility

The Regular Withdrawal Facility pays out a fixed amount of money at a nominated frequency from your account, at your request. Regular Cashbacks are paid out by redemption of investments in your account and is subject to the minimum cashback amount set out in the Schedule – Funds Investment or accessible here.

For more information on the Regular Cashback Facility, please contact your Financial Adviser Representative.

Investment Transactions

There are basically 3 types of transactions that can be made:

Fund Subscriptions (Buy)

This is normally where your Financial Adviser Representative will recommend a selection of funds to meet your personal financial needs and objectives that suit your risk tolerance and investment horizon. You then have to make a decision on whether to subscribe, or "buy" into the funds as recommended by your Financial Adviser Representative.

You can use the Funds Centre to find out more about any recommended funds by your Financial Adviser Representative, or even to research other funds that you may be interested to subscribe in.

Funds Subscriptions are subject to the minimum investment levels set out in the Schedule – Funds Investment or accessible here.

Fund Switches (Switch)

Funds are dynamic investments and your portfolio may skew over time due to the performance of the individual funds. When this happens, your Financial Adviser Representative may suggest to re-balance your portfolio by switching funds to bring it back in line with your current risk profile.

A fund switch involves the redemption of units in one or more funds, and using the redemption proceeds to subscribe for units in one or more other funds. Generally, your Financial Adviser Representative should only recommend that you perform a fund switch if the replacement fund would continue to fit your risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals, and is not detrimental to your interests.

Funds switches are subject to the minimum withdrawal/redemption levels set out in the Schedule – Funds Investment or accessible here.

Redemptions (Sell)

At any time, you can ask for a full or partial redemption of your investments under any of your Investment Accounts.

Redemptions are subject to the minimum redemption levels set out in the Schedule – Funds Investment or accessible here.

For more information regarding investment transactions, please contact your Financial Adviser Representative.

Settlement of Redemption Trades

General settlement date for most funds is as follows:

  • Equity / Balanced Funds / Bonds: 7 business days
  • Money Market Funds: 5 business days

We will remit the redemption proceeds to you on the settlement day via one of the following methods:

For General Investment accounts:

  • Cheque sent to your mailing address; or
  • Direct credit to your nominated bank.

For CPFOA / CPFSA / SRS accounts:

  • Direct credit to your Agent Bank for CPF OA and SRS and CPF Board for your CPF SA investment

Monitoring your Investments & Transacting Via MyAviva

MyAviva is an innovative and secure web portal, developed using Aviva's world-class expertise and the latest in technology.

The MyAviva comes packed with Electronic Services (E-Services) functionalities, including a Straight-Through Processing (STP) feature that will allow your Financial Adviser Representative to send investment recommendations directly to you for approval, with your approved transactions being immediately submitted to Navigator for processing. It also allows you and your Financial Adviser Representative to easily monitor and obtain consolidated reports on your investments for up-to-date information on portfolio performance.

With the new STP feature on MyAviva offering transactional capabilities for subscriptions, switches and redemptions into the full range of funds available on the Navigator platform, your Financial Adviser Representative can now fine-tune your portfolio with ease, and you can approve investment recommendations at your convenience – anywhere, anytime, as long as you have access to an Internet connection.

For more information on transacting through MyAviva, please contact your Financial Adviser Representative.

Right to Cancel

As prescribed by the Notice On Cancellation Period For Collective Investment Schemes Constituted As Unit Trusts [SFA 04/13-N01] issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, you will have the right to cancel a subscription of units in a fund within 7 calendar days from the date on which the initial subscription was made, provided that you were not an existing unit-holder in that fund at the time of the subscription for which the right to cancel is being exercised.

Where you have applied for a Regular Savings Plan, your right to cancel applies ONLY to the first payment contribution for subscription into a fund and not to any subsequent contributions.

Schedule for Funds Investment

Minimum Investment and Withdrawal/Redemption Levels
Minimum Investment Levels
Lump Sum Subscription
(excluding Regular Subscription)
All Sub-Accounts
Minimum initial investment/transfer $1,000
Minimum additional investment/transfer $100
Minimum allocation per fund $100
Regular Subscription All Sub-Accounts
Minimum regular investment $200
Investment frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly
Minimum allocation per fund $100
Minimum Withdrawal / Redemption Levels for All Sub-Accounts
Minimum withdrawal/redemption amount $1,000
Minimum balance 5% of Sub-Account Value
Minimum amount for switching $1,000
Minimum switch per fund $500
Minimum redemption per fund $500
Minimum balance per fund 5% of Fund Value
Regular Withdrawal Facility
Minimum regular withdrawal $1,000
Withdrawal frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly


  1. The above amounts shall apply for all Contract Currencies across the various Sub-Accounts.
  2. All transactions are also subject to the minimum requirements imposed by respective fund houses and whichever Fund limit is higher shall apply. Failure to comply with the minimum requirements may result in your trade being rejected by the fund houses. Please refer to the relevant fund prospectus for further details.

Funds Centre

Click here to access Investments Funds (Navigator).

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