Does Santa need insurance?

Envy Santa for doing his job only once a year? Well, think again.

His job is a perilous one, needing a lot of insurance to stay safe and keep his elves happy. He told us so!

Try to imagine what Christmas would be like if the Elves went on strike! That's right; it would mean no presents wrapped for delivery on time on Christmas Eve. If we were Santa, we'd be sure to keep them well-provided, healthy and safe with a great Group Insurance Plan which covers them on the job.

Behind every great man, there's an even greater lady! Mrs Claus isn't always in the spotlight but trust us, she's the one who gets all of Santa's affairs in order – from keeping North Pole in tip top shape and managing the naughty elves to answering fan mail and getting all the presents ordered in time. If anything were to happen to Mrs Claus, Santa would be in deep sleet!

That's why we think that besides insuring himself, he should ensure his beloved wife is covered for disability and long-term care as well as a Whole Life insurance plan with all the necessary riders, including Critical Illness.

Climbing up and down chimneys is a sure recipe for an accidental fall. If we were Santa, we'd be sure to pick up some health insurance to cover off potential medical bills. Because even the jolliest among us needs a bit of protection!

Anything can happen when you're flying around in a sleigh, so we sure hope Santa's got a good car insurance plan!

The good news is, some plans such as Aviva's Car Insurance comes with a No Claims Discount (NCD) Protector so Santa can enjoy discounted premiums even if he gets into an accident within the policy year!

Ever wondered what would happen if Santa's gifts get lost or damaged in transit?

If we were Santa, we'd make sure we've got a good Travel Insurance plan to cover that risk!

Fortunately, getting a quote for travel insurance can be real easy. For example, Santa can go direct to Aviva's website or download Aviva's Travel App, and get covered with Aviva's Travel Insurance in minutes!

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