Revealed: Your 2019 fortune plan

Aviva Singapore invites feng shui master, Eric Lim, to provide exclusive insights into what the next 12 months hold for Money Banter readers

Goodbye, Year of the Dog, and hello Year of the Pig!

Will your sky be full of good stars in 2019 or will there be a few bumps on your journey? Because we care about your health and financial wellbeing, we’ve invited feng shui master Eric Lim to provide insights specially for our Money Banter readers. To help you plan for a brighter year, here are some tips and fortune cookies that’ll help maximise your luck and wealth.

May you uncover the path to success in your personal and work life in 2019!

Rat: With auspicious stars entering your zodiac, things are looking up for you. Many people will come forward to support and help you in all aspects of your life.

Career / Business: Various people will render assistance so you can achieve your goals. Those born in 1984 who did well in their career or business in 2018 will have another good year. Luck for June and July babies will either be very positive or negative. The strength of the tai yang star will boost your 2019 outlook.

Finances: You’ll generally do well, unless you were born in 1984 – those born in this year will experience extremely negative or positive encounters. Your conventional income sources will do well, and you should experience a smoother sail in your financial endeavours.

Health: Your health will improve, but around mid-year, negative stars may change things. Take precautionary measures when you travel or drive during this period.

Relationships: Bad stars will cast their weight on your personal relationships. Think twice before making critical decisions to avoid undesirable results. When tensions rise, you’ll get the support you need to stay calm. Keep a red lamp switched on in the south area of your house to prevent personal conflicts.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: With the stars in your favour, you’ll find it easier to solve problems, so go on and tackle those challenges you used to hide from with confidence.

Ox: Bid farewell to those internal conflicts of 2018 – the stars promise plenty of backup to help resolve all sorts of issues this year. However, you’ll have to work extra hard and avoid letting your emotions get the better of you. Avoid challenges in June, July, October and November. 

Career / Business: Be extra vigilant at work as there will be attempts to undermine the importance of your contributions at work. Investigate the true cause of any problem and seek guidance from those you trust. Lie low at work, especially if you’re new to the company. Pay attention to gossip and avoid getting entangled with trivial conflicts as they will diminish your strength.

Finances: Family matters will drain your reserves and income. Getting in touch with people younger than you or six to seven years older than you could bring a positive surprise.

Health: Avoid risky leisure activities for the family and pay close attention to the health of senior family members. Watch your personal belongings when you travel this year.

Relationships: This year especially, avoid bad-mouthing others as it’ll create unnecessary tension with others at work. At the end of a tough day, try your best not to bring unhappiness back home; you need a calm place to recharge. Make your home conducive to rest.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: You’ll draw special strength from relationships where everyone helps each another. 

Tiger: Your business and career will shine. This is going to be such a great year for you that even your enemies will want to call a truce. As a result, numerous obstacles will be lifted, making you feel blessed.

Career / Business: Your mind will be sharp, and you’ll be raring to go. This will help you to achieve more in your career and business. A few women who’ve always been there for you will help you resolve any hiccups or obstacles. If you happen to deal with women’s products or services, you’ll see good sales figures. Your management will be open to your views on the company’s development. Smell an opportunity for career or business growth? Pounce on it! And if you were born in the month of June or July and face legal issues from last year, make use of your improved luck to resolve them.

Finances: Your financial affairs look promising and you’ll be basking in your good luck. The only shortcoming: there might be some conflicts from last year that’ll affect your income in the new year.

Health: Hidden health challenges will surface. You may not be in good spirits but don’t let this affect other aspects of your well-being. Tigers born in 1986 should avoid watching solar or lunar eclipses and other “negative” public events, and stay away from natural catastrophes.

Relationships: If there’s a crisis, it’s advisable to hold back on certain relationships for one year. Build rapport with those around you to prevent gossip from affecting your work performance.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Traditional sources of income will do well. However, you should be prepared to plan and work harder to recover from last year’s plight. 

Rabbit: Good stars will enter your zodiac, bringing opportunities and rewards. But bad stars will be equally strong. So, you’ll need to watch your health and avoid being side-stepped by others.

Career / Business: Good opportunities abound so devise ways to leverage them. In your quest to protect your fortune, however, steer clear of anything which goes against your company or government protocol. Avoid dangerous areas when working overseas. Channel your energy on matters that warrant it and don't be dragged into small conflicts. Those born under the water and wood elements should pay more attention to details to avoid costly mistakes.

Finances: Bosses need to be mindful of the fine print in contracts to avoid losing deals. Others should take more care with their health to prevent income depletion. When your health is in good shape you’ll be in better shape to take on opportunities, which will turn positively affect your income. Avoid conflicts at work and you’ll protect your financial interests.

Health: Don’t neglect your health, and take extra precautions when you travel. Avoid dangerous leisure activities and pay attention to your family members’ well-being.

Relationships: Turn a deaf ear to third-party gossip that could damage your relationship with those who matter to you. Stay strong in the face of relationship challenges with those close to you as well as peers.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Constantly arm yourself with a Plan B, and you’ll hop through any ring of fire without getting burnt.

Dragon: You’ll feel more relaxed and contented this year. Good things will happen to those close to your heart and people in other spheres of your life – including your career – will be more accommodating.

Career / Business: The months of February, March, April, August and November are perfect for any decision making. If you want to clinch deals or secure your career goals, go to the second-in-command in the management hierarchy. You’ll have a higher chance of scoring. This is a good year for business and career development. Be open to attending events – you’ll find many new opportunities there.

Finances: This is a good year for earning an income as strong stars entering your zodiac signify minimised obstacles. Guard your health to prevent income loss and you’ll generally find yourself doing well in the financial arena.

Health: Bad stars will have a big impact on your on your wellness so focus on getting healthy and doing more exercise. If you were born in the month of October, you should watch your health and safety when you travel.

Relationships: If you’re married and want to start a family, this is a good year to start planning for it. Your relationships with others will also flourish. Businessmen will find it easy to snag new deals. It’s a good year for expanding your network and rapport.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: When you know your path, your fortune will be maximised. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to walk the extra mile to achieve your business and career objectives.

Snake: Energy from negative stars will drain your strength. You need to avoid going against protocol and laws. And since you’ll be in the spotlight, you’ll need to be careful or others will pick on you. For better luck, simply rest well – it’ll ready you to face challenges.

Career / Business: This year, you’ll find that you get results after putting in great effort. Be prepared to get your hands dirty if you want to advance in your career or business. Leverage other people’s strengths to help clear any obstacles in your road to success. Be upfront when you encounter problems and you’ll be able to cooperate with others and resolve the problem.

Finances: Avoid speculation and gambling. If you invest in stocks, cash out when you’ve made a profit and don't be too greedy. Reduce the number of metal elements in the south-east sector of your home to prevent being cheated. 

Health: Pay extra attention to your health and personal safety when you venture overseas. If you’re engaged in physical work, ensure you get sufficient rest to prevent mishaps. Those born in February shouldn’t travel in August, those born in March shouldn’t travel in September, those born in April shouldn’t travel in October while those born in May shouldn't travel in November.

Relationships: Try to put off decisions concerning troubling situations until next year. Reign in your emotions and exercise care when you’re upset, and avoid speaking ill of others. Don't be dragged into unimportant matters as they’ll exhaust you unnecessarily.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Avoid illegal short-cuts to wealth and you’ll safeguard your financial strength. Caution and tried-and-tested approaches will save you from wasting your energy, which you’ll need to handle certain pressures.

Horse: Saddle up! After an unstable year, the stars are aligned in your favour in 2019. Leverage on your improved luck to recover some of your losses from past years.

Career / Business: People within your inner circle and outsiders will help you to make strides, provided you stay motivated and do your homework. Those in business need to go to the frontline to assess the situation as the usual information-sharing channel will be misleading this year. The good stars shine bright though, and they’ll help you overcome hurdles. Those born in June and July will have mood swings which will affect your career and business.

Finances: It’s a good year for conventional income but if you’re involved in volatile trade like stocks, curb your greed to get rich quick. Have a contingency plan that you’ll eventually profit from even if you have to wait longer. There will be traps this year, so if a proposed venture sounds too good to be true, be careful about it.

Health: If you engage in a lot of physical work, ensure that you’re well rested and pay heed to details and safety. Minimise the presence of crystals in the south-east and north-east sectors of your home. Those born in February, March and April should pay extra attention to safety and health issues.

Relationships: Singles have a high chance of finding success in April and October. At work, the management and other team members will be all ears so voice out your needs – you’ll stand a good chance of securing them.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Rest well and postpone making decisions about troubling matters until you’re more comfortable about the situation.

Goat: Negative stars will be dominant so you’ll need to learn to be tolerant about undesirable encounters to have a soft landing. Don’t let your guard down or your prowess will be dragged down by others.

Career / Business: Non-visible enemies will throw obstacles in your path when you’re not looking. It’d help to befriend others, even if you’re not fond of them. Business contracts should be meticulously checked to prevent disputes and legal problems from stalling your progress. Have your clients counter-sign on important parts of the contract. You need to be on high alert for all matters pertaining to your career and businesses.

Finances: Don't believe in over-promises made to you, especially if it concerns money. Deals may appear shaky this year so trust your instinct – if it’s too risky, avoid it. Those in business will spend more time and resources on mending ties and correcting situations in order not to lose valuable deals. Be on your guard and give clients some discounts to seal deals quickly.

Health: Don't be obstinate when it comes to protecting your health, especially if you’re not in top form. If the need for surgery arises, seek a second opinion before deciding to proceed with it. Seek refuge in exercise and books when you feel low. And when you need moral support, invite your friends for kopi .

Relationships: Handle matters with caution and tolerance. There are third parties who’ll try to crumble relationships in your personal and working life. Don't speak ill about others or you’ll find yourself being quoted behind your back. You’ll be aware of obstacles around you but rather than lose sleep over this, approach the situation with clarity and seek mentorship from your leaders or elders. Work hard to protect the important relationships in your working and personal life.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: This year, you need to let others take charge while you move into the second-in-command position. Turn to your usual leader for help with resolving any challenges this year.

Monkey: Unlike last year when you felt insecure about your luck, this year, you’ll have strong allies around you, helping you feel more confident about what lies ahead. If last year was about being prepared, this year will be about feeling blessed, because it’s going to be a good year.

Career / Business: Internal and external conditions are perfect for your advancement in these areas. Your views will be seen more positively by management and clients. Try and do as much as you can while your lucky star shines – that includes resolving matters that have been ongoing for the past two years. If you were born in April or May however , you’ll need to work extra hard to manage your work and business this year.

Finances: This is an auspicious year for you but if you’re in discussions for business deals and projects, keep the information secret until you seal the deal – some competitors are waiting to snatch your deals. If you’ve made money, lie low or you’ll invite unnecessary attention and trouble.

Health: Negative stars will affect this aspect of your life. But take heart, good advice and people who can help you will swing into your path so you’ll be able to resolve difficulties. Don't let your mood affect your performance in other areas of life.

Relationships: Beware of relationship conflicts and if you’re married, don't let problems deteriorate. Decisions on complex issues are best left to next year. If you sleep in the south sector of your home, limiting the number of books and plants in this area could help. And rest assured that there’ll always be people and solutions that avail themselves to help you rise above challenges. 

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Place a moving cat ( zhao cai mao) in the middle of your home to boost your luck for the year. 

Rooster: The intelligence star shines bright for you. Use the wisdom to breeze through challenges. When dealing with people, be professional and don't let your mood affect your decisions. Your luck will improve after this cycle.

Career / Business: When dealing with business and legal matters, thoroughly examine documents and take necessary steps to plug any gaps that could cause severe problems. Challenges may be bigger than they appear and they may zap your positive strength. If it feels like you have fewer allies than before, you may have to work harder for your plans to come to fruition.

Finances: If you’re self-employed, look out for quality work and deals in order to cut your losses. And if you’re been thinking about switching jobs, it’s better to put that off to next year and focus your energies on learning as much as you can this year.

Health: Keep a distance from people who have caused you trouble in the past – you’ll be far happier without the distress they’ll bring. Opt for slow-paced workouts and improve your eating habits to stay in good health. Make it a point to meditate or do other mentally-relaxing activities. It’ll help you focus better on matters that really need your attention.

Relationships: Certain events in the months of September and November will affect your personal relationships. Save making any decisions about these issues to next year. Resist poking your nose into in others’ affairs; instead, guard your relationships by building rapport.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Tap your wisdom to work things out and move forward.

Dog: With your good and bad stars blazing equally bright, working extra hard and smart will be keys to your success. If you’re single, there’s a high chance of meeting that special someone or welcoming a new addition to your family. If auspicious things, like marriage or the birth of a child, happen for you, you’ll have a good year.

Career / Business: You’ll have no lack of allies and support from various networks. Tap on them to sniff out fresh opportunities. It’s also a good time to have an open chat about your career progression plans with the second in command. If you’re an entrepreneur, good news: your earnings will soar. If you find yourself facing problems this year, take heart, this will blow over four months after Chinese New Year. Increase rapport with your colleagues; it’ll make common on-the-job challenges easier to resolve. And if you need to seek others’ opinions, go only to those whose trustworthiness has been proven. You should also avoid arguing with your bosses. Follow these tips and you’ll sidestep many “landmines” this year.

Finances: If you abide by the law, this year will be a soft landing for you. You’ll also find a significant part of your income going towards paying bills for family members. Take extra care with the health of your family members to minimise chances of a health crisis. If you tend to feel stressed easily, don’t, because you’ll have the resources and answers to handle challenges. That said, seek professional help and advice when they’re needed.

Health: A particularly negative star lurks, so take extra precautions when you travel and avoid dangerous zones even in familiar territory. You should also pay close attention to your loved ones’ health. There’s a high chance you’ll welcome a new member to your family.

Relationships: You’ll be preoccupied with affairs concerning those closest to you. This will have a great bearing on your mood. Patience is vital if you want to protect your ties with your peers and associates.

Pig: With all eyes on you this year, you’ll face more pressure. Get ample rest and prioritise matters that really need your attention – this is your best bet for facing challenges. Your actions will be scrutinised so watch your step! You may like taking a risk every now and then, but not now. Don’t dabble in anything illegal or you’ll have to face the music. If you find others opposing your decisions, be firm (but make sure you’re right first!). Ignore trivial matters that won’t affect your larger goals.

Career / Business: If you do a lot of manual work, take extra care with your safety. Those who work in office spaces may face greater mental stress. If you’re a boss or leader, look out for your team members or you could face legal problems that’ll hinder your business operations. Things will generally move in the direction you want. Your management and bosses will seek your help to resolve many issues.

Finances: If you’re contemplating a job switch, it may be better to hold off your plan – you’ll do better in a familiar environment where you know how to tackle problems. If you make a windfall in the stock market, take the profits early. And when making financial decisions, follow your head, not your heart. You need to put in more effort to get the income you want this year.

Health: Any travel plans in May, especially to risk-prone areas, should be shelved. But if you must travel, take extra precautions. Don't be tempted to drive when you’ve been drinking. And to help you juggle everything that’s coming your way, keep your fitness levels up.

Relationships: Think carefully before making decisions in May and towards the end of the year. This will give you and your dear one time to cool off. With your strong views about others, you’ll have to put a lid on your emotions or cracks could appear in your relationships.

Your 2019 fortune cookie: Attend informal and formal events to expand your network. By staying active and interacting with others regularly, you’ll find new support and rapport in many areas that you never knew before.

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