Aviva COVID-19 Premium Deferment Programme

6-month premium deferment for eligible customers

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant financial impact on many households. Some may struggle to pay their insurance premiums. Yet, in uncertain times, insurance becomes even more important.

As part of the COVID-19 relief measure, eligible policyholders of Aviva can apply for a 6-month extension of the grace period if their premium due date falls between 1 Apr 2020 to 30 Sept 2020.

We hope this initiative can go some way to help those who need it most during these difficult times.

Who's eligible?

This programme covers regular premium paying policies with premium due date or policy renewal date falling between 01 April 2020 and 30 September 2020 inclusive. You may log in to MyAviva to check your premium due date. 
The eligibility criteria cover customers who
(a) Lost their jobs due to COVID-19;
(b) Experience a sustained income drop of 30% or more for 3 consecutive months (such as for small business owners, private hire drivers, etc);
(c) Put on indefinite/extended no-pay leave (such as for airline staff, entertainment venue staff, etc); and/or
(d) Are hospitalised due to COVID-19 and/or are paying for COVID-19 related hospitalisation bills for immediate family members. This is provided the hospitalised patient has not travelled out of Singapore since 27 March 2020.
This is NOT an automatic enrolment programme. Eligible customers must apply for the deferment and it is subject to Aviva’s approval.
Important note: If your policy is paid fully via Medisave, you will not be eligible to apply for this programme.

How to apply?

Policyholders can download and complete the “Aviva COVID-19 Premium Deferment Form” and
email it to cs_life@aviva-asia.com with supporting documents via the registered email address you have with us.

Alternatively, you may also print out and submit the completed form and supporting documents mail to Aviva Ltd at:

4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807


Important Notes:

  • Please ensure that your completed "Aviva COVID-19 Premium Deferment Form" includes your policy number and your signature. You may log in to MyAviva to check your policy number.
  • You may find the list of supporting documents in the FAQ below. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What’s this programme about?

2. How can I check my premium due date to verify if I am eligible to apply for the premium deferment?

3. What are the supporting documents needed?

4. Is interest chargeable during the premium deferment period?

5. If I have multiple Aviva policies, can I apply a premium deferment for all of them?

6. How will I be notified on the outcome of the application?

7. If I am on GIRO/credit card, will premium continue to be deducted during the premium deferment period?

8. If I am using CPF Medisave and Cash to pay for the premium of my health policy, will deduction from the CPF Medisave continue during this premium deferment period?

9. What do I need to do after the end of the premium deferment period?

10. How can I pay the deferred premiums?

11. What happens if the deferred premiums are not paid at end of the premium deferment period?

12. Is my policy coverage affected during the premium deferment period?

13. Can I claim during the premium deferment period?

Are there any alternatives besides premium deferment?

We're here to support you through this challenging period. There are alternative premium relief options you may consider depending on your policy's eligibility. 

Information is correct as at 22 Jun 2020.