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Exclusive perks and experiences await

Make your journey with Aviva a rewarding experience. Discover our wide range of special offers, premium discounts and exclusive perks curated just for you. 

Life, Health & Savings promotions

Planning for your future? Check out these special savings on selected Aviva life, health and savings plans. 

Car insurance promotions

Drive away with savings up to 23% on car insurance premium and up to 35% savings for MINDEF & MHA, or POGIS policyholders.

Travel insurance promotions

Leave your worries behind and enjoy your next adventure with these special savings on Aviva travel plans. 

Home insurance promotions

Moving in? Don't miss out on these special savings when you insure your home and its contents with Aviva.

Life, Health and Savings promotions

Excellent coverage now comes with exciting perks. Enjoy premium discounts and cashback when you purchase any of the qualifying plans.

20% perpetual premium discount for MyLongTermCare and MyLongTermCare Plus

Enhance your CareShield Life coverage with MyLongTermCare and MyLongTermCare Plus for an annual premium as low as S$500 and get 20% perpetual premium discount.

Save S$100 off MyCare and MyCare Plus

Now MyCare / MyCare Plus comes with S$100 off your first year's premium!

Enjoy 20% off premiums for MyProtector-Term Plan II

Want to get insured for $500,000 or more? Our life insurance allows you to choose what you need.

35% off premiums for IdealIncome

Ideally, you should get good value for income protection plans - and now you can!

Car insurance promotions

Drive confidently knowing that you're insured with us.

Save 23% on all your premiums

Enjoy greater savings when you're insured with Aviva car insurance. Applicable for insured car age up to 5 years old only. Valid until 30 Nov 2020.

Save 17% on all your premiums

Enjoy greater savings when you're insured with Aviva car insurance. Valid until 30 Nov 2020.

Up to 35% off for MINDEF & MHA policyholders

We offer three types of car insurance - Prestige, Standard, Lite - select the plan that is most suitable. Applicable for policyholders' family members.

Up to 35% off for POGIS policyholders

Choose the coverage you need plus riders, then enjoy 15% off on top of any existing promotion for your Aviva Car Insurance premium.

Renewal Offer

Receive a free Personal Accident rider (worth S$107) upon successful renewal.

What's more, get a complimentary CapitaVoucher (worth S$40) if it's an annual plan.

Aviva Car Insurance Privileges

Great savings on car servicing and more! Exclusively for Aviva Car Insurance policyholders. 

Travel insurance promotions

Enjoy these special savings when planning your overseas trips.

18% off single trip

Stay protected with Aviva's comprehensive travel insurance. Valid until 30 Nov 2020.

Up to 43% off for MINDEF & MHA policyholders

Be it single or multi-trip plans for individual or group. Applicable for policyholders' family members too.

Up to 43% off for POGIS policyholders

POGIS policyholders and their family members can enjoy this offer on single or multi-trip plans.

Home insurance promotions

Keep your property and its contents covered for theft and damage with these special savings.

Save up to 45% for MINDEF & MHA policyholders

We'll upgrade you to the next higher tier of plan so you can enjoy premiums savings of up to 45% on your home insurance.

Save up to 45% for POGIS policyholders

Enjoy a complimentary upgrade to the next higher tier of plan, which means a savings of up to 45% on your home insurance premiums.