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We make retirement planning simple for everyone

You spoke*, we listened.  We took time out to hear about what worries you most. Here are our solutions to your needs and concerns.


64% of Singaporeans believe they can't afford to save for retirement*

For as low as S$39.95 a month, you can start saving for your future. We recommend you to start with what you can afford.


44% of Singaporeans don't want to lock up their money long term*

Our plans allow for flexible withdrawals and payouts before retirement age. Don't feel burdened by it and enjoy your life now.


57% of Singaporeans find it too complicated*

We focus on writing simple articles to educate and empower yourself with what you need to know, without having to deal with sales talk.

Think it's expensive?

Many people think that saving for retirement is out of reach given their current financial situation, but this isn't true. 

Save as little as S$1.33 a day!

You don't have to put a dent in your wallet to start your retirement planning. 

The power of compound interest

Don't let the thought of saving for retirement prevent you from planning. You don't need to save S$1 million to get S$1 million. 

Don't want to lock in large amounts for long periods?

Many people believe that saving means inflexibility, but this isn't true.

Save for tomorrow while enjoying today

We have solutions that provide flexible withdrawals and milestone payouts before retirement age so you don't have to sacrifice life's pleasures today. 

Be flexible in case of emergencies

It is possible to save for retirement while being liquid if you need money for something unexpected.

Saving doesn't mean sacrificing forever

There are available plans that only require short-term payments. You only need to pay for 5 years, making the sacrifice more palatable. 

Can't make out the Maths and Science of retirement?

Many people are under the impression that saving is hard to understand, but this isn't true. 

Professional advice is free

What's better than getting personal advice to help you on your way to retirement bliss? 

Jargon buster

Don't be intimidated by all the jargon used. We've come up with a glossary of terms to ensure you're prepared to start planning. 

Don't know your ideal retirement income?

Start with the kind of lifestyle you want in your later years. We'll help you calculate.

How much do you need to retire?

Start planning by finding out how much you need to sustain the lifestyle you enjoy now. We'll help you calculate.

Start planning your retirement

Become a Savings Superhero

Find out exacty what kind of saver (or spender) you are and take the challenge to be smarter with your cash. 

Discover your financial personality

Aviva gives you more

Excellent coverage now comes with exciting goodies and discounts.

Discover amazing treats

Retirement Products

Get monthly income, a lump sum amount, or both – to suit your ideal retirement lifestyle.


Continue to receive an income even though you've stopped working

MyRetirement Choice

Have some cash to put aside for a purpose


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*Source: Aviva's Consumer Attitudes Survey 2017