Savings and retirement

With the right plan, achieving your dream is possible

Saving for retirement

With these plans, there are various ways for you to save for retirement, let us help you make it possible.


Retire whenever you want with multiple income payout options.


Continue to receive an income even though you've stopped working.


A single premium plan to keep your retirement planning simple.

Saving for child education

Enjoy the assurance of knowing that your child's education fund is secured with our savings plan.


MyEduPlan is a structured, safe and secure savings plan with life protection features.

General savings plans

Save for a brighter future you've always wanted with a structured plan in place.


A long-term savings plan that's designed to secure your life goals with healthy returns over time.


A limited-time offer for guaranteed returns on your savings.


Have the flexibility to choose the premium payment term and when to receive your payout.


Can your savings support your aspirations?


Have your savings cake and eat it too.


An easy way to commit to your savings goal.


MyLifeIncome provides a lifetime of yearly payouts with 100% capital guaranteed.

Investment-linked plan

Work closer to your financial goals with our investment product.


Enjoy returns on what you pay while also having life insurance coverage.

Helpful retirement tools and tips

It's never too early or too late to plan for retirement. Start with these basic considerations.

Money Banter

Useful tips and guides on financial planning.

Calculate what you need

What do you imagine your golden years to be like?

Grow a nest egg

Find out the many ways to accumulate retirement savings.

Protect your retirement savings

Don't let unforeseen circumstances erode your retirement savings.

Jargon Buster

A simple guide to some commonly used terms for insurance and financial planning.

No day but today

Aviva helps you plan for old age and get more for what you save.

Start planning